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Printable Cemetery Checklist

The FTC's "Funeral Law" requires all cemeteries to accept headstones purchased from third parties. However, it's important to familiarize yourself with your cemetery's headstone requirements before finalizing your purchase.

What are the size requirements for headstones?

There are normally a variety of sizes allowed by the cemetery. These can vary depending on the size of the plot purchased as well. You must purchase a headstone that matches the size and thickness requirements.

Is a plot number required on the headstone?
  • If the cemetery does require plot numbers, confirm where it needs to be located. Plot numbers are commonly located in a headstone's lower left or right-hand corner.
  • What size should the plot number be? (i.e. 3⁄4”, 5⁄8”)
  • What is your plot number
  • Signature Headstones will engrave the plot number at no additional charge.
What style of headstone or grave marker do you allow?

Signature Headstones has a large selection of styles to choose from. Custom styles are available upon request.

What type of material is required?

Signature Headstones sells both Granite and Bronze Headstones.

Is paint allowed on the headstone?

Signature Headstones will paint the engraved areas of the stones we produce, unless you specify otherwise. The paint used on all headstones is special monument grade paint, specifically designed to be used on headstones. If the cemetery requires no paint then please indicate that requirement in the comments of your order. This will be done at no charge.

Are Lawn Mower Proof Edges or Beveled Edges required?

If required, please specify in the comments section of our order form. Additional charges apply.

Is there any type of emblem required on the headstone?

Signature Headstones clip art collection contains thousands of emblems to choose from. Clip art will be added at no additional charge. Browse our Clip Art Collection and specify in the comments section of your order the name and location of the emblem that you have selected.

Are there any granite color restrictions?

Signature Headstones has many different stone colors to choose from.

Is a proof required?

Signature Headstones online designer provides an immediate proof for your order. If a formal proof is required you must specify that when you place your order. There is no charge to provide a proof on a paid order.

Are pictures allowed on a headstone?

Ceramic photos are permanent kiln fired digital images. Any original photo or scanned image can be reproduced and permanently fired into a variety of oval, square and rectangular size ceramic tiles that will withstand the test of time. When we place your ceramic on your headstone we sand carve the granite to the shape and depth of the ceramic so it is inlayed flush with the surface. This process further protects your ceramic from the elements and acts as a prevention against vandalism.

NOTE: Ceramic orders can take up to 8 weeks for production.